Regular Classes

Kinderart (3.5 – 7 yrs)  45mins to 60mins

This 60 min art program is designed for our little ones to sow seeds of creativity and love of art at an early age. Excitement and enjoyment come from exploring art materials, ways of painting and colour mixing. Their bodily movements usually in broad rhythmic action will thus develop kinesthetic intelligence. The art activities aim to develop creative expression through sensory experiential learning.

Creativeart (7 – 10 yrs)  60 mins to 90 mins

The 90 min art program to prepare children for symbol-making. Beside expanding their visual vocabulary, shade and colour theory will be introduced when the child is ready. The art programs aim at expanding knowledge in the subject matter through their artworks and most importantly encourage them to see things creatively and differently.

Creativeart Upper Primary (11 – 14 yrs)  90 mins to 120 mins

This program explores the fundamental process of drawing with critical thinking applied into their artworks. Students will be explored to different drawing techniques, understanding of composition, light and tonal values through through different art medium. Lessons will base on observational and perspective drawing, shading and color theory.

Holiday Workshops

Specially themed workshops are available for children during their school holidays. The themes for our workshops are constantly changed through the year and are usually 2 hours to 4 hours long. They can include acrylic canvas painting, watercolor painting on canvases, clay moulding, stool painting etc.

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