Our Mission

Gifted Artists strives to provide a balanced and comprehensive art program for children.

Our Focus

Gifted Artists focus on nurturing and developing creative thinking, social and multiple intelligences

Our Core Value

Ideas, thinking, value are much more important than a prefect creation. Gifted Artists values the process when our children thin, experience and feel.

Our Belief

Gifted Artists believes that art is essential to development and learning, not just a subject that is for fun.

Gifted Artists provides young children with a creative setting where they can engage in the process of discovering colours, paint, movements and the joy of creativity.

It has been proven that early exposure to arts promotes activity in the brain. The more art activity there is in the brain in turn allows for greater achievements and learning. Therefore art is essential for the cognitive developments for the very young.

Using the children’s natural creativity, we integrate visual art with other values(morals, social, language, math, science…etc) to enhance children’s learning ability, intelligence and creative potential.

Drawing is not only for those who are “artistically inclinded”. WIth today’s emphasis on linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligence, learning through art is equally important. Art provides a much needed self-expression and creative thinking.

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