- Since 2004 -

Cognitive Developments & Integrated Learning through Art

Our Mission

We strives to provide a balanced and comprehesive art program for children

Our Focus

We focus on nurturing and developing creative thinking, social and multiple intelligence.

Our Core Value

Ideas, thinking, value are much more important than a perfect creation. We values the process when our children think, experience and feel.

Our Belief

We believe that art is essential to development and learning, not just a subject that is for fun.

Integrates learning through arts

Using children’s natural creativity, we integrate visual art with other subjects(language, maths, science, music, history & social studies) to enhance children’s learning ability, intelligence and creative potential.

Drawing is not for only for those who are ‘artistically inclined’. With today’s emphasis on linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligence, learning through art is equally important. Art provides a much needed balance through self-expression and creative thinking.

Visual Art

* aids cognitive and fine motor skills(bodies kinesthetic intelligence)

* enriches aesthetic appreciation(spatial and musical intelligence)

* provides children the space to express(linguistic & spatial intelligence)

* leads to discoveries and relations(logical & naturalist intelligence)

* stimulates children’s sensibilities(interpersonal & intrapersonal intelligence)

Our Methods

We use drawing and painting as a process of exploration by stimulating children’s thinking and challenging them to be imaginative. Through the process of asking questions, visual observation, we allow them to explore, discover and express in their creations.

Our Programs

We use myths, poetry, folk tales and other literary sources as a basis for children’s artwork and to encourage them in symbol’s making. This method of integrating language to visual art is to encourage a “visual narrative” approach which enhances the development of both linguistic and graphic forms. Science & Math are integrated as they explore relations between lines, shapes and space in their new creations. Group in 6 to 8. Children are able to work closely together and learn to share ideas and support each other for their creations.

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